50 REASONs to use eCICMA
Basic Modules
User Friendly
Do you have basic computer knowledge? It's easy to work on eCICMA.
Wide range of services
With eCICMA, Dogma Soft Limited offers you a variety of services like installation, customization, support, hosting, integration, training and implementation.
Master Module
Master module is to collect all master information about the Institution. Base information of the institution like period/hour structure, holiday distribution, fee groups, admission quota etc are collected in master module.
Useful in kind of educational institute
Use eCICMA in any kind of educational institution - schools, universities, colleges, computer centres, coaching centres, ITI/ITC, medical colleges, polytechnic colleges and Training centres.
Integrated with CICMA
eCICMA already supports CICMA for education management software. eCICMA can be integrated with our other management software's like CICMA/ CICMA-ITI/ CISA etc... also.
Admission Module
Student admission is one of the most important KPI module for any educational Institution. eCICMA allows students are admitted with proper batch and department of the Institution.
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